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What Does TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) Mean to Me?

It means that you can guarantee your acceptance to Georgia’s top public and private four-year schools!

As a GPC student, when you earn 60+ credits or earn an associate degree you will be accepted at your choice of more than 35 four-year schools—guaranteed. GPC’s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements include some of the best public and private colleges and universities in Georgia and across the Us. GPC students can sign a TAG agreement any time during the year. Get started now.

The TAG program does not guarantee that you will get into a certain program. Some programs at many four-year universities require a separate application. Those programs may decide whether or not to accept you. Their program directors may want you to have a higher GPA than you need to get in to the college or university.

Many MOWR students who transfer to four-year universities get better grades than freshmen students. GPC sends more students to four-year colleges and universities than all other two-year colleges in Georgia.

View the entire list of colleges and universities to choose from in the TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) program.