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How To Apply

It's official! Georgia Perimeter College is now Perimeter College at Georgia State University.

Our consolidation has allowed us to streamline many of our processes, particularly within admissions.

If you previously opened, but did not finish your application to Perimeter College, please take notice:

Perimeter College now requires all applications to originate from GA College 411.

This means that you will need to create a new account through the GA College 411 portal in order to complete your application.

Please visit GA College 411 to get started.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to reviewing your application soon.

On the GA College 411 website, click the 'Sign In' or 'Create an Account' link in the top right corner to begin and submit your application.

  1. Complete the college application by following this link to the GSU Perimeter College online application.

    All college applications are done online.
    Be sure to use your correct social security number when you apply.
    List your student type as Move On When Ready "MOWR".
    No application fee waiver code will be necessary for MOWR students. (updated 3/1/2016)
    Allow 3-5 business days for the college to notify you of your Student ID number.

  2. Submit a sealed official high school transcript.
    Submit in person at your local MOWR office
    Have your high school mail an official transcript to
    Perimeter College
    P.O. Box 89000
    Atlanta, GA 30356

  3. Complete a Parent/Guardian Permission Letter.
    Submit in person at your local MOWR office
    Use the Perimeter College document upload link.
  4. Complete a Georgia Department of Education MOWR Student Participation Agreement Form.
    Your online application checklist uses the title Participation Permission Form.
    This form must be signed by the student, parent, and high school counselor.
    You must turn in a new form each and every semester to register for classes.
    This form determines what classes you are able to register for once you have been admitted.
    Submit in person at your local MOWR office
    For your first semester only, you can use the Perimeter College document upload link.

Any semester beyond your first semester you should turn this form in to your MOWR coordinator in person.

  1. Submit your official ACT or SAT score report directly to Perimeter College from their respective website.

    Link to ACT Login. The college code for the ACT remains 0806. (Updated 3/7/2016)
    Link to SAT Login. The college code for the SAT remains 5711. (Updated 3/7/2016)
    The location to use is still Clarkston, Ga. (Updated 3/7/2016)

  2. Submit your AP scores directly to GPC from the College Board web site.
    You may be eligible for college credit at Perimeter College for most AP exams on which you score a 3 or higher.
    The college code to send AP scores to GSU Perimeter College remains 5711. (Updated 3/7/2016)
    The AP score requirements can be found on the ERS AP score page.
    Please keep in mind that not all post-secondary institutions accept the same scores.
    Be sure to research how your AP scores might be accepted at different post-secondary institutions.

  3. Check your application status REGULARLY.
    This is the link to check your My Status page.

    The typical timeline for processing an application and all supporting documents
    to receive a decision is approximately 4-6 weeks.
    Please plan accordingly.
    If a deadline is listed as July 1st, submit your documents AT LEAST 4 weeks prior to July 1st.

  4. Call your Move On When Coordinator's office once you receive your letter or email letting you know that you have been admitted. They will let you know of the next steps at that time.


  • After you have submitted the application, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
    Once it has been processed, an official letter indicating your student identification number will be sent by mail & by e-mail.
    This ID number is required for you to view your My Status page.
  • If you are unsure of your GPC ID, you can retrieve your GPC ID here.
  • GPC will only review your records to make an admission decision after all required documents have been submitted, evaluated and posted to your record. You can view your application checklist on your My Status page.
  • Your My Status page is the quickest and most efficient way to view your admission checklist, real-time
    admissions office processing updates, as well as your admissions decision.

Application Deadlines
Applicants must submit the application, and have all required documents processed by the appropriate deadline

  • Fall semester deadline: July 1st  
    (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)
  • Spring semester deadline: November 1st   
    (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)
  • Summer semester deadline: April 1st  
    (docs need to be turned in 4 weeks prior to the deadline)

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