Move On When Ready Program

Future Students

I'm Interested, What do I do First?

  • Tell your parents you want to participate in the Move On When Ready Program at Georgia Perimeter College.
    Ask them if they think it’s a good idea.
    Talk to them about getting to and from your GPC classes.
  • Talk with your high school counselor about the courses you need to graduate and how to arrange your high school schedule to include travel time.
    Many students choose to take classes first thing in the morning however, you are able to take all the same classes as any other GPC college student during any time of day.
  • Take SAT or ACT tests early and have the official scores sent to GPC.
    GPC will not admit MOWR students without one of these scores.
    Students can not use the Compass test in place of taking the SAT or ACT.
  • Request AP test scores be sent from College Board to GPC. AP scores can earn you college credit and can be used for placement in advanced classes.
  • Talk with a MOWR Coordinator at GPC. (Scroll down and look to the left side menu for contacts.)