Dual Enrollment Program


What Courses Should My Child Take?

Your child should take courses to help him or her finish high school and prepare for college. These can be any courses on any GPC campus. But, Accel only pays tuition for classes in the core areas of Social Science, Science, English, Foreign Language, Math, Philosophy and Economics courses. Also talk to your child about taking some courses to see what subjects he or she likes to study.

Your child might be able to take online courses, too. Think carefully about online courses since they require more maturity and commitment than face-to-face classes. Some online classes will require your child to come to campus for a class orientation or to take tests and the final exam.

Your child needs to meet with his high school advisor to determine what classes he or she needs for high school graduation.  Then your child will make an appointment to talk with the DE Coordinator about classes he or she wants to take. The Coordinator can help your child register for classes. You are invited to come with your child to see the DE Coordinator. View what courses are offered at GPC each semester.