Dual Enrollment Program


What Does it Mean for My Child?

Dual Enrollment prepares your child for college. In DE, your child takes college courses while in high school. So, he or she earns high school and college credits at the same time. DE classes are small and your child will have a lot of contact with professors.

When your child starts college, he’ll be done with some freshman classes, like English composition. Your child will finish GPC sooner. So, you pay less money for college tuition. If your child is in the Accel program, then you pay no money for his DE tuition.

Many GPC students who finish DE do better when they transfer to four-year universities. They often get better grades than students who went to four-year schools as freshmen.

If your child earns a “C” or higher in her DE courses, she gets college credits. In AP courses, she has to take a test to see if she gets the college credit.

The testimony from a former DE student says it all:
Laura Lancaster took DE classes at GPC.

“The Dual Enrollment Program introduced me to the responsibility of college. I learned how to manage my time better, and it was great preparation for college. College classes are substantially different than high school, and Dual Enrollment was a great way to make the transition.”