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The worlds of Business and Social Sciences come together in the relaxed atmosphere of the wooded Newton Campus where selections of classes will provide the core knowledge necessary in obtaining a four year college degree.  Through these diverse disciplines students gain the skills to understand how humans interact with one another and provide the competencies that allow for greater fulfillment in life as well as to allow students to engage in the business experience from the academic perspective.  Whether your goal is to gain a bachelor’s degree or simply to better understand our increasingly complex world, we can provide the foundation for making that happen.  Our diverse students, representative of the multinational, multicultural population of Georgia Perimeter College, prepare themselves for the fast paced world around them with business and social sciences studies that transfer to other colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Our business and social sciences faculty are dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible while creating an environment conducive for learning and understanding.  We want your college experience to be rewarding, challenging, and full of memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Join us in making your goals a reality.

Department Chair:  William H. Moon    Department Secretary: Jill Heft       

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