PC Online Arts and Humanities Faculty

The Arts and Humanities faculty at Perimeter College Online is a very diverse faculty that includes tenured and tenure-track instructors, lecturers, split load instructors, term-to-term instructors, and adjunct instructors. A & H instructors teach humanities, fine arts, ESL and/or foreign language classes. Most of the classes offered through the department are taught by fully online faculty with teaching, service, and professional development responsibilities. Their activities enhance their teaching and contribute to the success of online students.   


List of Faculty/Instructors

When did you last meet with a faculty advisor?   

Students should see a faculty advisor every semester. See a Humanities faculty advisor for information about courses, programs of study, transferring to four-year colleges and universities, and careers. E-mail any of the faculty below to schedule your next advisement appointment.

Faculty Advisors

Art Program of Study Advisors:

Lisa Alembik, lalembik@gsu.edu

Claire Paul: cpaul@gsu.edu

Valarie Koonce: vkoonce@gsu.edu

Communication Program of Study Advisors:

Bettina Durant: bdurant@gsu.edu

Janet Davis: jdavis@gsu.edu

Cynthia Stevens: cstevens20@gsu.edu

English as a Second Language Program of Study  Advisors:

Lynne Bost: lbost@gsu.edu

Jessie Hayden: jhayden@gsu.edu

Colleen Ijuin: cijuin1@gsu.edu

Film Program of Study Advisors:

Thomas Anderson: tanderson47@gsu.edu

Linda Bowen: lbowen5@gsu.edu

Foreign Languages Program of Study Advisors:

Barbara Bateman: bbateman@gsu.edu

Andrea Dibenardo: adibenardo@gsu.edu

Karen Jones: kjones47@gsu.edu

Journalism Program of Study Advisors:

Bettina Durant: bdurant1@gsu.edu

Music Program of Study Advisors:

Brian Bonin: bbonin@gsu.edu

Greg McLean: gmclean@gsu.edu

Slava Prudchenko: sprudchenko@gsu.edu

Philosophy Program of Study Advisors:

Michael Bradley: mtbjr@gsu.edu