Meet our Students
Tyler Moorehead

Hometown: I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but raised in Atlanta, Ga.

What are you majoring in?: I am majoring in Music.

What campus do you attend?: I attend Clarkston Campus.

When do you expect to graduate?: 2011

Why did you choose to come to GPC? I felt it was better for me.

What are some of the activities you’re involved in at GPC?Student Government Association, clubs and committees.

When you are not hitting the books, what do you like to do? (I like to) spend my time listening (to) and writing music; writing in general; (being around) friends and going to different places with family.

If you had a super power, what would it be? The power to heal

What do you wish your friends knew about you? I would love to learn how to cook hibachi/Japanese style meals.

After I graduate, I plan to... After I graduate I plan to further my career plans in music/business, and (film).

What will you remember most about GPC?
(I will remember) the different opportunities and experiences that (GPC) gave me that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.