GPC Honors Faculty and Staff with "Celebration of Excellence."

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Georgia Perimeter College recognized top performing faculty and staff during the inaugural Celebration of Excellence: Faculty, Professional, Administrative and Staff Awards Luncheon held April 30 on the Clarkston Campus.

“Today we celebrate the exemplary contributions that those of you in this room have made,” said GPC President Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli. “I’d like to provide some context that helps to put these recognitions in their proper perspective. Georgia Perimeter College employs a work force of more than 3,000 individuals. That is a sizeable group from which to be recognized. So we applaud all of the achievements acknowledged here today.”

Dr. Virginia Michelich, vice president of academic and student affairs, presented all faculty awards including the Cole Fellow Award, GPC’s highest faculty honor, to Dr. Pamela Gore, science professor on the Clarkston Campus.

“Pamela exemplifies what the Cole Fellow stands for,” Michelich said. “She goes above and beyond, shouldering additional departmental, discipline and advising duties without hesitation and in a timely and professional manner. She introduced service learning projects to involve GPC students with K-12 students, following the format used by the Georgia Department of Education.”

Two GPC professors, Maureen Burkart and Carole Creekmore, were honored with the Exemplary Professor Fellowship Award which comes with two years of responsibility. Each educator is expected to mentor two promising faculty members each year. GPC’s exemplary professors receive a stipend with the award for the professional development/service that they will engage in over the next two years. They retain the title of “exemplary professor” after their two years of responsibilities have ended.

The HR Recruiting Team on the Decatur Campus earned the Continuous Improvement staff award.

“In the spring of 2008, GPC lost many potential instructors due to time delays and process issues,” Tricoli said. “It was a different story in 2009. The process was more organized. Communication improved 100 percent. Deadlines were met. Positions were filled. Continuous improvement, great service, quick turnaround and excellent communications have enabled this department to meet the needs of the growing GPC.”

In all, awards were handed out in 13 categories. GPC originally planned to honor students, faculty and staff in one collective ceremony but the college was hit with budget constraints and had to engineer a more conservative celebration.

“This was a great opportunity to thank each of you in one room,” Tricoli said.

Celebration of Excellence winners:

Faculty Awards

Cole Fellow Award
The primary criterion of the selection is an extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching, which should be demonstrated by excellence in the following areas: service to students, institution, community and profession. The winner is also noted for an extraordinarily scholarly approach to teaching, impact on and involvement with students and support from colleagues and current and former undergraduate students
Winner: Dr. Pamela Gore, professor of science, Clarkston Campus.

Faculty Service Excellence Award
This award is given to a faculty member to recognize, reward and promote excellence in service to GPC students, the college and community. The winner exemplifies rewarding interactions with others that produce positive, productive and supportive results and provide high quality service to students, co-workers and the public.
Winner: Lora Mirza, librarian, Dunwoody Campus.

Professional Development Award
Excellence in faculty development ensures continuous quality improvement for our faculty to provide outstanding support to our students. This award is given to faculty member to recognize, regard, and promote faculty professional development.
Winner: Eric Kendrick, ESL coordinator, Dunwoody Campus.

Teaching Excellence Award
Excellence in teaching provides the foundation on which our students will achieve success. This award is given to a faculty member to recognize, reward and promote excellence in teaching and advocacy for the profession.
Winner: Dr. Michael Hall, associate professor of humanities, Clarkston Campus.

Exemplary Professor Fellowship Award
This is an award of distinction reserved for tenured faculty at GPC who have demonstrating how their approach and methods of teaching impact student learning. Exemplary professors also are current in their fields and excel in scholarship as evidenced by being professionally active, through a combination of the following: holding offices or serving on committees of one or more professional societies, giving presentations at professional society meetings, publication and or successful grant activity.
Winner: Carole Creekmore, associate professor of humanities on the Newton Campus.
Winner: Maureen Burkart, professor of science, Dunwoody Campus.

Professional, administration and staff awards

Continuous Improvement Award
This award goes to the team that is believed to have the most significant and sustained improvement in a process or service.
Winner: HR Recruiting Team, Decatur Campus: Thomas George, Eyvon Mitchell, Karen Gabrielson, Lorna Bush and Zenta Naim.

Student Success Award
This award goes to the individual who is believed to have made the most significant contribution to strengthening student success.
Winner: Don McCormick, student affairs counselor for both the Decatur and Dunwoody campuses.

Quality Service Award
This award goes the individual who is believed to have most met or exceeded the expectations of their customers by providing quality service within established guidelines.
Winner: Felicia Harbach, associate registrar, Alpharetta Center.

Access/Capacity Award
This award goes to the individual who is believed to have most impacted the access and capacity of GPC to serve the educational needs of our community and the state.
Winner: Janet Orr, dual enrollment coordinator, Dunwoody Campus.

Teamwork Award
This award goes to the individual who is believed to have worked most collaboratively in a group of two of more to achieve the common objective.
Winner: Anthony Bush, coordinator and event technician, Clarkston Campus.

Enhancement Award
This award goes to the individual that is believed to have most enhanced GPC in one or more of the following areas: economic enhancement, social enhancement and cultural vitality.
Winner: Tom Amygdalitsis, technology support specialist, OIT, Newton Campus.

Leadership Award
This award goes to the individual who is believed to have best led in amannet that exhibits transparency, high performance, inclusiveness, system training, planning in implementation, diplomacy and provides innovative solutions.
Karen Truesdale, director of human resources, Decatur Campus

Values Award
This award goes to individuals for exemplary behavior in one or more of the following core values: trust, excellence, integrity, civility, passion, diversity and efficiency.
Winner for trust: Michelle Arth, assistant director, administrative systems, OIT, on the Decatur Campus.
Winner for efficiency: Deborah Dove, degree program specialist on the Clarkston Campus.
Winner for civility and efficiency: Robin Winston, director of student financial services, Clarkston Campus.

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