GPC, Syracuse University Sign Transfer Guarantee Agreement

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In a move that will create a seamless transfer of students from Georgia Perimeter College to Syracuse University in New York State, GPC President Dr. Anthony Tricoli and Syracuse Chancellor Dr. Nancy Cantor signed a Dual Admission/Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreement between Georgia’s largest and most successful transfer institution and one of the nation’s most prestigious private colleges.

Georgia Perimeter College is positioning itself to be a leader in education for the 21st century by offering its more than 25,000 students guaranteed seats at some of the best four-year institutions in the nation. The college has transfer and articulation agreements with 39 institutions in Georgia and in other states.

The latest transfer agreement, which begins fall 2011, is for Syracuse’s College of Arts and Sciences, and its L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science. The agreement allows students to complete core courses at GPC, where tuition is lower, and receive a guarantee to begin upper division work immediately at Syracuse.

This TAG opens the door to our students for federal financial aid; plus students are eligible for scholarships from Syracuse University worth up to $25,000.

“It is appropriate that our two powerhouse institutions do what none other in the nation has done to clear the pathway to success for students who are transferring from an outstanding two-year college to Syracuse University,” said Tricoli. “I am proud indeed to have an educational partner and colleague in Dr. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor at Syracuse University.”

“The partnership that Syracuse University and Georgia Perimeter College have established is groundbreaking and offers a tremendous opportunity to students looking for a diverse institution of higher education, where academic excellence is profoundly connected to ideas, problems and professions in the world,” said Cantor, chancellor of an iconic campus is nestled amongst the rolling hills of Central New York. “Dr. Tricoli and I believe that through partnerships such as this one, our students reap the benefits of a world-class education. Through these extensive, reciprocal partnerships, we prepare our students for the world in the world.”

Requirements to participate in the guarantees differ for each institution. For most of the TAGs, the guarantee applies to general admission but not necessarily admission to a specific major.

For example, students who participate in the articulation agreement for Syracuse must graduate from Georgia Perimeter College with an associate degree, at least a 3.0 GPA and at least 60 transferable credits, the last 30 of which must be earned at GPC. Students should consult with their GPC college advisors for complete information and requirements for each TAG school.

“The TAGs we have signed with the universities are a direct result of our students’ success at institutions across the state, and it is also recognition of the great work of our faculty in preparing our students for upper division work,” Tricoli said. “As the largest provider of transfer students in the University System, we are happy to offer this additional, very important opportunity to our students.”

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