Cromer earns Cole Fellow Award during COE

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Author: Roger Barnes

Decatur Campus Associate Professor of English and Assistant Department Chairperson David Cromer was named the 2011 Cole Fellow recipient during Georgia Perimeter College’s Celebration of Excellence Faculty/Staff awards ceremony. The Cole Fellow award is the highlight of the celebration and recognizes extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching and service. 

“Cromer’s service to the institution, his students and the community comprise the very essence of The Cole Fellow Award,” said Dr. Alan Jackson, vice president for academic affairs. “The recipient of the Cole Fellow Award is said to be a rare instructor who has struck an impressive balance among teaching, service and development. Cromer is an actively engaged professor who presents his students with real-life applications, scenarios and problems by using a variety of teaching tools. A former student said, ‘He made me believe in myself and another said,’ and another said, ‘He encouraged me to do things I didn’t think I could.’” 

This was the second consecutive year Georgia Perimeter held a Celebration of Excellence, gathering faculty, administration and staff from all four campuses and the Alpharetta Center to honor the colleges most outstanding contributions. A Celebration of Excellence honoring outstanding student work was held earlier in April. 

“Thank you for all that you do each and every day,” GPC President Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli said to GPC employees. “Recognition is an area of focus and opportunity for us as a college, both with this event as well as doing more day to day recognition of our colleagues. Study after study indicates how important positive feedback and recognition is for an organization to be successful and to be able to attract and retain a quality workforce. 

“To the finalists and winners here today,” Tricoli said, “I thank you for your good work, and I salute you. To all of us, a challenge, continue to use recognition as a valuable opportunity to thank those around us who go above and beyond to make us all look good.”

Celebration of Excellence Faculty/Staff award winners include: 

The Faculty Professional Development Award went to Rick Robinson, ESL and Foreign language instructor, Dunwoody Campus. 

The Faculty Service Excellence Award went to Jarrett Terry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering instructor, Clarkston Campus. 

The Teaching Excellence Award went to Dr. Mike Sakuta, Science instructor, Newton Campus.
The Teamwork Award went to Natalie McCarley, Payroll Services, Decatur Campus. 

The Leadership Award went to Catherine Binuya, Online Support Services, Clarkston Campus.
The Quality Service Award went to the Payroll Processing Team. 

The Continuous Improvement Award went to Deborah Dove, International Student Admissions and Advising, Dunwoody Campus. 

There were two winners of the Enhancement Award this year: The International Student Admissions and Advising staff and Dr. Rufus Larkin, Advising and Counseling, Newton Campus.
There were also two winners of the Access/Capacity Award: the GPC Foundation Team and Jeff Meadors, Dual Enrollment, Newton Campus. 

This year GPC had three Values Award winners: Tonya Andrews, Faulty Services, Decatur Campus; Donna McLean, Business and Social Sciences, Decatur Campus and Rebecca Rakoczy, Marketing and Public Relations, Decatur Campus.