GPC Economic Impact Rises by More Than 20%

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Georgia Perimeter College’s economic impact on the region grew by more than 20 percent from a little over half a billion dollars in fiscal year 2009 to more than $691 million in fiscal year 2010.

The college provided 6,822 jobs that resulted in almost three-quarters of a billion dollars in total annual economic impact in fiscal year 2010. That’s an increase of 38 percent over last year. Not only did GPC’s FY 2010 output impact on the region increase, but its overall employment impact increased substantially, reflecting higher enrollments, more spending by students in labor-intensive economic sectors, and higher overall employment multipliers.

According to the economic impact study released by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, the 35-institution system provides approximately 131,000 jobs and $12.6 billion in economic impact. This was 3.4 percent of all jobs in Georgia.

“Even during these tough economic times, Georgia Perimeter College’s ability to act as a key driver for the economy is clearly visible,” said GPC President Dr. Anthony Tricoli. “Colleges and universities educate the workforce, innovate through basic and applied research, and collaborate with employers to help them become more competitive. Here at GPC, we strive to continually offer a meaningful education that meets the demands of today’s workforce.”

While the country is wracked by a recession, GPC continues to focus on student success, and it shows. Summer enrollment hit an historic high of approximately 16,900, with almost half due to students taking online classes. Projections for the fall call for another record enrollment.

“Our ability to become a vital factor in the economy rests directly with our commitment to offer students an outstanding education from award-winning faculty. We continue our mission to be affordable and accessible even as GPC realizes the need to offer an education that is both dynamic and relevant,” Tricoli said.

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