Jaggy takes convocation to the E.D.G.E.

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Sporting a red Mohawk haircut, bursting through stage smoke and dancing under falling glitter and confetti, Georgia Perimeter College’s mascot, Jaggy, GPC President Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli and Alan Jackson, vice president for academic affairs, showed just how excited GPC’s leadership is about the college’s new strategy to enhance student learning. Jaggy went all the way to the E.D.G.E. during convocation and he brought GPC faculty, staff and administrators with him. 

Engagement Drives GPC Education, or E.D.G.E., is the college’s strategy to address the Quality Enhancement Plan portion of the Southern Association of College and Schools review. 

“The E.D.G.E. means GPC is going to be focused on engagement with students inside and outside the classroom,” said GPC Executive Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning Pamela Moolenar-Wirsiy. “We’re currently developing a look for the E.D.G.E. and when it’s ready, it will be all over our campuses.” 

Every five years GPC reports to SACS to maintain the college’s accreditation. This year, SACS requires the college to complete the QEP and a Compliance Report. 

During convocation GPC Liaison to SACS, Barbara Brown, stressed the importance of all faculty and staff complying with SACS-related requests. 

“If we don’t meet SACS requirements, our students will not be able to transfer credits, they will not qualify for financial aid and we’ll probably have to close up,” said Brown noting that some instructors find the many additional requirements for SACS distracting. 

As part of convocation’s tradition, Jackson recognized educators who have earned the title of professor emeriti. Teresita Lampe, Evelyn P. Sponaugle-Hughes, Patricia Zrolka and Carolyn Spillman were all honored for their great work and service. GPC Director of Human Resources Patrice Masterson also thanked 22 new retirees for their years of service. 

Public Safety Director Nicholas Marinelli introduced GPC to the 34 member, newly-graduated Campus Emergency Response Team. CERT is a volunteer group of the college’s personnel that underwent special training and are prepared to assist public safety officers should a natural or man-made emergency erupt on a GPC campus. 

“It’s a bold new concept and we are the second school to initiate it in the University System of Georgia,” Marinelli said. “When you see that green shirt and the vest CERT volunteers wear, follow that green shirt. It may save your life.” 

Marinelli said CERT volunteers will continue to go through additional training throughout the year with a new class joining the group in 2012. 

Marinelli also introduced Operation ID, a new program that will allow GPC employees to register the serial numbers of their valuables online. 

“In the event your property is stolen, we will enter your numbers into the national database,” Marinelli said. “If it turns up as evidence in an investigation, you’ll hopefully get it back.” 

Tricoli wrapped up convocation by looking back over the past five years and the many successes at GPC. 

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one you,” Tricoli said. “Thanks for the excellent teaching you provide. My commitment to you is personal and total. I say thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do.”

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Georgia Perimeter College, the third largest institution of the University System of Georgia, serves more than 25,000 students through four campuses and several sites in metro Atlanta. For additional information, visit www.gpc.edu.