GPC Admissions Takes Silver Medal for Customer Service

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Author: Roger Barnes   

“Do Right.” University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby shared those simple, but powerful words at the Chancellor’s Customer Service Awards ceremony held on Nov.17, at the Board of Regents office in Atlanta.
“When I was in the seventh grade I had the meanest teacher,” Huckaby said. “First day of class, she wrote two words on the blackboard: ‘Do Right.’”
Huckaby said obeying that two word warning was all it would take to have an event free year, but he didn’t always do right and he paid the price and learned a lesson. He complimented this year’s Customer Service Awards winners because they are winners for doing right each and every day all the time.
“You are the ones on the front line,” Huckaby said. “It’s about people like you. You lift the bar higher for the University System of Georgia. The people we serve deserve to be treated right. Thank you for what you do and the example you set.”
Georgia Perimeter College had one winner this year among this group of the system’s elite examples of customer service. Director of Recruitment and Admissions Richard Beaubien was honored with the silver medal for Process and Service Improvement.
The silver award is in recognition of a Beaubien led a team at GPC that initiated a software system referred to as the Organic Approach to College Admissions Improvement.
“The new approach is software that allows us to immediately scan documents and now we know when they were submitted, we can prioritize and nothing gets lost,” Beaubien said adding that all admission documents are then connected to the student’s file instead of hard copies filed in various locations. “This also allows us to share the workload and it serves the college as students are getting admitted faster.”
The paperless system combines data from the document imaging system and the student/applicant records system in order to identify, prioritize and assign tasks to appropriate individuals. The system is designed to allow the identification of “hot” documents that need to be done first. The system is also designed to move “students” rather than “documents” through the admission process. 
The result of this process was an immediate drop by 50 percent of the number of complaints during the admission process, faster admission and GPC again reached a record enrollment.
Doing right, Huckaby said, means treating others with respect, greeting each other promptly and courteously, listening to understand, being knowledgeable, keeping your commitments and looking for ways to improve the services you provide by making them faster, friendlier and easier.
“It’s an honor to know our work is appreciated by the system,” Beaubien said.