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“Food” Panel Looks at Urban Gardens, Food Security and the Politics of Food Access

In the midst of plenty, there are food deserts. This "desert" is not a misspelling for that satisfying piece of pie. A food desert describes a geographic area where fresh food is practically nonexistent; and where fast food or packaged food is the norm. These deserts exist mostly in poor urban areas, and unfortunately, there are many in metro Atlanta. And much like a real desert or the famine-ravaged region in Malawi where our GPC Reads author William Kamkwamba was born, these food deserts exact a high toll on human health.

On Wednesday, March 14 at 11 a.m. in the JCLRC on the Clarkston Campus, the Southeastern Institute for Sustainability and GPC Reads invite the GPC community to have a conversation with some experts on what it means to have access to fresh food—and what it means when we do not. Please join us for a panel discussion about urban gardens, food security and the politics of food access. Panelists are Rashid Nuri, founder of Living Well Urban Farms; Brandi Whitney, MPH, prevention program specialist, DeKalb County Board of Health; and Chris Ferguson, education and outreach coordinator, Atlanta Community Food Bank.

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