GPC Continues Actions to Address SACS Concerns

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Author: Barbara T. Obrentz, Chief Public Information Officer


GPC Continues Actions to Address SACS Concerns

At its annual board meeting today, the  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the accrediting organization for educational institutions in the Southeast, issued a warning to Georgia Perimeter College, owing to the lack of financial controls and the ensuing budget shortfall that were identified last spring.  A warning is not unanticipated in this situation.  It is expected that the college will be able to demonstrate to SACS that these issues have been completely resolved within twelve months. 

Georgia Perimeter College has already made notable strides to correct budgeting issues and return the institution to solid financial footing. We will continue to implement and strengthen the controls put in place during the summer of this year so that we may resolve any remaining deficiencies and bring the budget back into balance.

While GPC is under this warning, the institution’s full accreditation remains in place.

We value the standards that SACS sets for its members; these standards allow us to achieve our mission as Georgia’s largest access institution.

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