Second-half Classes Help Speed Up Graduation

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Nicole Becker is a working mom who had long put off her own education. But the desire to go to college stayed with her.

“I had a hard time in high school, so when I finally came to Georgia Perimeter in 2011, I was unsure of myself,” the Walton County resident said. “Working full time and taking 16-week courses—I was able to just take one or two at a time.”

The road to a degree looked long and difficult.

Then Becker discovered GPC’s half-semester courses.

“These classes have the same amount of material as a full, 16-week semester—and offer the same credits—but it’s a shortened semester,” said Dr. Paulos Yohannes, GPC Newton Campus Dean of Academic Affairs.

“I was thrilled I could knock out four classes a semester. I took every course that was available.”

She also made the Dean’s List last semester; a feat she didn’t think was possible years ago.

When she graduates from GPC in December with an associate degree in psychology, Becker will be the first in five generations of her family to get a college degree. But she won’t be the last. Her son, Chris, is also at GPC.

“This whole thing has been a blessing to me; my instructors have been wonderful and supportive,” she said.

Registration for second half classes is available through Sept. 30. Current, new or transient students (those currently enrolled in other colleges) can enroll in second half courses, as long as they meet the prerequisites required. There are a variety of courses offered on all campuses.

Go to half for more information and to register.