Academic Advising Policies

Academic Advisement is an ongoing process in Advising & Counseling Services throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to make appointments prior to and during early advisement periods and to see a faculty advisor in their program of study or a counselor in Advising & Counseling Services. "Walk-ins" are welcome as well.

Students in Learning Support (LS) classes will be advised each semester by their LS instructors (in class) regarding LS classes and other LS issues. Students may see their faculty advisor (if they have been assigned to one), an advisor in their program of study, or an academic advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center for advisement in other areas.

English as a Second Language students enrolled in ENSL (English as a Second Language) courses must be advised by an ENSL advisor.

Students receiving VA (Veterans Affairs) educational benefits must report to the Veterans Affairs Office on the Clarkston Campus after registering each summer. All schedule changes must be pre-approved by Veterans Affairs. Final course selections must be approved prior to the certification of benefits. Questions may be addressed to (678) 891-3418.

Additional questions should be addressed to your Campus Advising, Counseling & Retention Center.

Program of Study Sheets:

Program of Study (POS) sheets are shared with students and assistance in planning academic schedules is given. Advising, Counseling and Retention Services can also discuss all other academic requirements such as what are CPC (College Preparatory Curriculum) deficiencies, Learning Support classes, Regents' Test requirements.

Research Transfer Options:

You may consider transfer options on your journey toward academic success and completion of your associate degree. Please visit the Web sites of the schools you are considering to obtain transfer information. Once you have completed Area A of your program at GPC, you may consider exploring our Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. See the TAG counselor in your ACRS office for more information.