Personal Counseling Services:
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Office of Personal Counseling Services

Do I need an appointment to see a Personal Counselor?

Appointments are recommended, but not required. Personal Counselors are available Monday – Friday. You may schedule an appointment by calling or visiting the Advising, Counseling, and Retention Services Office.

A counselor is available on each campus. The contact information for each is below:

Personal Counseling Access Line:  770-278-1300

Jennifer Smith, LPC
Building CN, Room 1547

Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, LPC, ACS, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building SA, Room 2104

Marquita Johnson, LPC, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building B, Room 1306

Newton Campus
Ann Howard, LPC, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building 2N, Room 2308

Dr. Rufus Larkin, LPC, LCSW, ACS
Associate Director of Personal Counseling
Building 1N, Room 3105

If you are experiencing a life-threatening crisis and need an immediate appointment, inform the front desk that you need to speak with a personal counselor immediately, and a session will be scheduled as quickly as possible. If the crisis occurs after hours please see our after-hours emergency procedures located on this Web site.
What personal counseling services are available?

Georgia Perimeter College provides a variety of services, including short-term counseling for individuals, couples and families, crisis intervention; groups and workshops; campus-wide consultation with student groups, staff, and faculty; and referrals to community agencies and health care providers.

Who is eligible for personal counseling services?

All students who are currently enrolled at Georgia Perimeter College are eligible for services.

Is there a fee?

All services are free.

What can I discuss with my counselor?

Many students discuss a variety of topics that are troubling and confusing, including relationship issues with a partner, relative, or child, stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, sexuality, eating issues, perfectionism, academic concerns, discrimination, and transition difficulties. Students are often aware of “what’s bothering them,” and require meeting with a counselor to develop new strategies for dealing with these problems. At other times, students may have general feelings of being “anxious,” “depressed,” or “unmotivated.” Counseling services can help to clarify these feelings by asking questions and offering feedback about what he/she is hearing or observing.

Will anyone else have access to my information?

Everything discussed in counseling is confidential. Counseling Services will not release the information shared without the student’s permission.

Who will see my counseling records?

All Counseling records are confidential in accordance with Georgia Mental Health Law and the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics Your records will remain at the Counseling Center and can only be released with your written consent. Your Counseling record will not become a part of your academic transcript.

If I need counseling, does that mean there is something wrong with me?

No, it does not. Most students who take advantage of counseling services are interested in their personal growth and adjustment to changes in their lives. Students face developmental concerns and academic pressures in college, and at times feel anxious, angry, or depressed. It is often helpful to gain the perspective of a neutral professional. The Counseling staff is trained to help students think about alternatives or options to your behavior and ways of dealing with the world.

How long may I be seen?

Counseling Services are focused on short-term therapy of 6-8 sessions, however some cases warrant long- term therapy. The exact number of sessions will be negotiated with the Personal Counselor.

What if I need to be seen longer?

If your concerns require a term of counseling longer than what the personal counselor can offer at Georgia Perimeter College or if you require more intensive counseling, we will help you to connect with a private therapist or community agency.

What if I need to talk with someone on evenings or weekends?

The Office of Personal Counseling is not open during the evenings, weekends, holidays, or vacation breaks. If you need services during these times, please consult the virtual resource guide at

What can I expect when I visit Counseling Services?

Students are asked to complete several confidential forms that will provide information regarding the visit and the types of concerns they want to address during the appointment. Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the first scheduled appointment to complete these forms.

How long do counseling sessions typically last?

Individual counseling sessions will be no more than 50 minutes in length and group sessions will typically last between 60-90 minutes.

Do you prescribe medication?

While some students find that medication, often in conjunction with counseling, can be useful in addressing their mental health concerns, the Office of Counseling Services at Georgia Perimeter College does not prescribe medication.