Spring 2016 Commencement and Perimeter College Convocation Ceremony

Guest Tickets for the Perimeter College Ceremony - May 6th

Students are eligible for 7 tickets per graduate. Ticket invites were sent April 15 and April 16, 2016 through EventBrite.  If you submit(ted) a graduation application after April 8th, you will receive an email invite within one week after the submission. 

Please note - you will be able to request and print your tickets without coming to a PC campus.

An invitation from EventBrite on how to order your tickets was sent to your Perimeter College student email address (@student.gpc.edu) on April 15 or April 16th.  Please make sure you check  your college email inbox, "Clutter" folder and "Junk Mail" folder for the invitation.  Most of the emails are ending up in the "Clutter" folder.  You may access your Perimeter College email at http://webmail.gpc.edu/

Tickets are void once the ceremony begins. No balloons will be allowed inside the World Congress Center. Tripods and strollers will be checked in outside of the hall, but may be brought inside the building.

Open Ticket Call
There will be an open ticket call for those who desire to have more than 7 tickets (providing tickets are still available), The Open Call for tickets will not occur until May 4, 2016, two business days prior to the Perimeter College ceremony. The open ticket call invite will also be sent to your Perimeter College email address.  Please make sure you check both your college email inbox, "Clutter" folder and "Junk Mail" folder for the invitation.  



How do I request more than one ticket?
Change the ticket number to the number of tickets you want to request up to a total of 7 tickets. Use the drop-down option to select the number of tickets.  You will not be able to use your ticket invite more than one time so please order all of the tickets you need when you place your order. 

Do I have to bring my printed tickets to the event? 
Please print one copy of the tickets and give them to the family members or friends who will be attending the ceremony to support you. A ticket is required for every guest or baby carrier requiring a seat.  The codes for each ticket are unique - so duplicate ticket copies will not validate for entry to the ceremony. Students who are graduating do not require a ticket for the event as you will be part of the processional for the ceremony.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
For more details on parking and transportation please go to http://depts2.gpc.edu/~gpcem/commencement/directions-parking.html

What can/can't I bring to the event?
The Georgia World Congress Center does not allow balloons into their halls at all. Please leave any special gifts for your graduates that involve balloons in your vehicles or at your homes to ensure the graduate is able to appropriately enjoy them. For more details go to http://depts2.gpc.edu/~gpcem/commencement/tickets.html.

Do my guests require a ticket to attend the GSU Commencement ceremony on May 7th? 
No tickets are necessary for the May 7th GSU Commencement Ceremony at the Georgia Dome. 

What if I or my guests have special needs?
The college will provide interpreter services for the ceremony. Prior notification is required if you have a disability and need assistance at the ceremony. Please contact the Center for Disability Services at (678) 891-3385 if you require assistance.

Who should I contact with possibly additional questions or concerns?
If you have any additional questions that cannot be answered by the GPC Commencement website please feel free to contact one of the campus ERS offices for more details or email onlinees@gsu.edu.