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For Assistance
If you require assistance with one of the campuses or just a general question regarding ERS please call us at 678-891-3500 or go online to www.gpc.edu/selfservice and submit a web inquiry. We respond to all web inquiries within 2 business days.

Tarrah Mirus, College Registrar
Sheila White, Coordinator of Records

Sheree Simpson, Campus Registrar
Linda Fields, Assistant Registrar
Diane Weber, Records Coordinator II

Eileen Menefee, Campus Registrar
Kenneth Cruise, Records Coordinator II
Hattie Greer, Records Coordinator I

Judith Nichols, Campus Registrar
Raymond Selles, Assistant Registrar
Cheryl Abrams, Records Coordinator I
Nancy Diaz, Records Coordinator I
Nadra Williams, Records Coordinator I

Demetrix Rostick-Owens, Campus Registrar
Yasmin Holness, Records Coordinator I
Lindsey Walker, Records Coordinator I

Alpharetta Site
Felicia Harbach, Campus Registrar
Beverly Carruth, Coordinator of Educational Affairs
Jill Dryden, Records Coordinator I

GPC Online
Emily Cowdrick, Campus Registrar