F1 Student Information

F1 students have many questions. The office of International Student Admissions and Advising is the place to get good, authoritative answers to those questions.

Many F1 students ask their friends for advise about legal matters. It is nice to have friends, but unfortunately, many times those friends give incorrect advice! We often hear four words – “my friend told me…”, and those four words often mean trouble.

If you have questions about your F1 status, CALL US! VISIT US! We are glad to assist you!

These pages are desiged especially for F1 students at Georgia Perimeter College. It is a collection of CORRECT information essential for you to get and maintain your status. Information includes:

  • Information about how to obtain an F1 visa
  • Arrival information and requirements for new F1 students
  • F1 student regulations
  • Information about required health insurance
  • Our current handbook for F1 students
  • Information about how F1 students may work in the United States
  • Information about adjusting to life and the culture of the United States
  • A collection of the most frequently asked questions – FAQs (and answers to those questions)

We hope this information is useful.

International Student Admissions and Advising

(678) 891-3235