F-1 Travel Inside the United States:

International Students in F-1 status are advised to carry their passport, I-20, and I-94 even when traveling within the borders of the United States.

F-1 Travel Outside the United States:

International students in F-1 visa status who plan to travel outside the United States are required to be “signed out” by International Student Admissions and Advising before departing from the United States.  This means you must visit our office and inform us of your departure and return travel plans.

In general, F-1 students who travel outside the United States are advised to have the following documents to re-enter:

4Valid form I-20, with a Designated School Official’s (DSO) signature on page 3 of the I-20 to endorse international travel.  The DSO’s signature should be less than 6 months old at the time of travel.

4Valid passport

4Valid F-1 (student) visa

If you do not have a valid F-1 visa, you will need to apply for one at the United States Embassy in your country while you are visiting.  Please be aware that U.S. Consular offices require current financial support documents when you apply for a student visa.  International Student Admissions and Advising can prepare an “embassy letter” for currently enrolled students who are in good standing to take to the visa interview appointment.

Due to increased scrutiny, security background checks, and the new SEVIS fee required for most student visa applicants, students may experience lengthy delays when applying for a visa.  So, plan your travels with this in mind.  We recommend that you discuss travel plans with an International Student Advisor at least two weeks before traveling.

To facilitate your travel plans, ISAA offers specific Travel/Sign-Out dates and times to help you get your travel documents ready for your trip. Please bring your I-20, passport and I-94 when you come to International Student Admissions and Advising to get signed out for travel. Contact ISAA for information on Travel/Sign-Out dates.