Taking College Courses

Am I eligible to take college classes?

Once a student in Learning Support has registered for all of their required Learning Support Courses, they are eligible to register for a limited number of college level courses.

Are there any restrictions?

  1. A student must be enrolled in all required Learning Support Classes, including the HEDS 1011 class if it is required, before being able to take college classes
  2. A student must meet all pre-requisites requirements for the college level course
  3. A student will be withdrawn from all college coursework if withdrawn or dropped from a Learning Support course
  4. A student cannot accumulate more than 20 college credits without exiting Learning Support. A student who accumulates 20 college credits without exiting Learning Support courses is only able to take their required Learning Support coursework until they exit Learning Support.

Are there any exceptions?

A student in Learning Support is able to take the Higher Education Seminar, HEDS 1011, without being in all of their required Learning Support courses.

They can also take Activity Physical Education Classes (like tennis, swimming, weight training, or fitness walking) but NOT Choices for Life (PHED 1011) or any 3 credit hour PHED class.

What classes are Learning Support students able to take?

College-Level Courses LS students Can Take

Note that not all classes on this list will be appropriate to all majors.
Check your Program Advisement Forms sheet to see which classes your major needs
and with Advising, Counseling and Retention Services.

Students eligible to take college level classes must remember that exiting Learning Support is still the priority of the Learning Support program and any class schedule should be built around that idea.