Professional Development & Publications

Professional Development

Learning Support instructors have several avenues for professional development. Teaching learning support students is not the same as teaching students who are prepared for college-level work. Training and support are available in the form of associations, conferences, workshops, and a variety of published books and articles that address the special needs of these students.

NADE (National Association for Developmental Education) National Conference

GADE (Georgia NADE) (Georgia Association for Developmental Education)

Publications and Web sites

Thinking About Teaching and Learning, 1999, Robert Leamnson, Sterling, VA: Stylus.

No One to Waste: A Report to Public Decision-Makers and Community College Leaders, RobertMcCabe

Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  The At-Risk Student in the Open Door College, John and Suanee Roueche

The Courage to Teach:  Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life, Parker Palmer

The Courage to Teach:  A Guide for Reflection and Renewal, Rachel C. Livsey and Parker Palmer

What Works in Remediation: Lessons from 30 Years of Research, Hunter Boylan and D. P. Saxon (prepared for the 1999 League for Innovation in the Community College)

What Works: A Guide to Research-Based Best Practices in Developmental Education by Hunter R. Boylan, Ph.D.  (A Joint Project of the Continuous Quality Improvement Network And the National Center for Developmental Education)

Visions on Learning Differences is a new online newsletter for those interested in the identification and treatment of learning differences, as well as for related needs.