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Date Updated
2008-08-04 14:10:33   

Is my current Internet service provider adequate for online classes?   
If you're happy with the quality of service, your present ISP may be fine. (Remember that you may be accessing large pages/files in a iCollege course, and that connection speed and reliability will be more important for taking these courses than for casually surfing the web. Customer support will also be more critical.) America On Line (AOL) users should make sure that they are using the most recent version of AOL software and that they are using Netscape, Internet Explorer (not the AOL browser, Mozilla Firefox). If you're having connection problems that you believe are because of limitations of your ISP, contact your instructor. The GPC server may need to be reconfigured to allow access. If accessibility problems can't be resolved by GPC or your ISP, you may need to change providers.