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Financial Aid
Date Updated
2010-02-07 13:50:37

Why have I not been awarded financial aid?
There are several reasons why you may not have been awarded financial aid. To determine if there are outstanding financial aid items that must be resolved, please log into the Student Information System (SIS). Click on “Student Financial Services”, then “Financial Aid Menu”, and finally click on ‘My Overall Status of Financial Aid”. Please view your overall status to determine if you have any HOLDS, OUTSTANDING REQUIREMENTS, or the status of your financial aid ACADEMIC PROGRESS.

In order to receive financial aid a current year FAFSA must be on file with GPC’s school code of 001562 listed. Also, financial aid will not be awarded to those students that have not declared a Major or have been classified as a certain type of student. Please contact the office of Student Financial Aid to review your file to determine why you have not been awarded financial aid.

For more information, visit Financial Aid.