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2010-08-05 18:07:49

What is SILP - Self Instructional Language Program?
The Self Instructional Language Program at Georgia Perimeter College offers seven less commonly taught languages to GPC students. - Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

How Does SILP work?
Students enrolled in SILP are responsible for their own learning and are required to be highly self-motivated and disciplined. In addition to rigorous daily work with texts, audiotapes/CDs and other instructional materials, the students meet with a native-speaker of the language in regularly scheduled tutorial sessions. These sessions are devoted to language use and reinforcement (practice, practice, practice!).
The tutor in this program is not a 'teacher' in the usual sense. The tutor, a native speaker of language being studied, presents opportunities for the students to interact in the language and corrects grammar and pronunciation but is not expected to teach the material in the traditional sense.

At the end of the semester, students will take a final exam administered by a professor of the language. The final exam grade is the entire grade for the course.

For more information, visit SILP