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Classes/Class Schedule
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2010-10-25 15:48:55

How many classes can/should I take?
Log into, place your cursor over Registration in the gold bar at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. click on Class Schedules and follow the information on this page. There are directions on how to read the class schedule and how to search th eschedule. Dual Enrollment students do not register online but must make an appointment with their Dual Enrollment Coordinator to be registered for classes. However, you should choolse the courses that will fit into your high school schedule before you meet with your Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

In order to stay on your parents' insurance, you must be a full-time student which means you must register for 4 or more college classes (12+ credits) each semester or a combination of 5 high school and college classes.
See Registering for Classes for more information.