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Dual Enrollment
Date Updated
2011-10-19 13:14:50

Grades: Do my grades transfer or just the credit?
Grades from transferred courses do not count toward your cumulative GPA at another school. Grades in college classes earned while still in high school do not count towards your college GPA for determining HOPE eligibilty. The college grades become part of your high school GPA and help determine eligibilty when you graduate from high school.

All University System of Georgia colleges and universities will accept Dual Enrollment credits received at Georgia Perimeter College. Many other state colleges and universities will also accept the credits. However, all colleges and universities have their own policies on the transfer of credits from other colleges. It is recommended that you talk with an admissions counselor at the college you are interested in to confirm their policy on acceptance of Dual Enrollment credits.

More information on Dual Enrollment is available on the web.