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Dual Enrollment
Date Updated
2011-10-19 13:23:00

How do I get my textbooks? How do I know which books to buy?
Although Accel funding includes a book allowance, you will have to pay for your books in advance. The book funds less any fees owed to GPC will not be available until several months into the semester. You have a choice regarding when you buy your textbooks. You can either get them before class begins or you can wait until the first day you go to class. If you want to buy the books before class begins, email your instructor for a list of the required ISBN numbers. If you wait until the first day of class, the required books will be listed on the syllabus for each class. Books can be purchased in a GPC bookstore or anywhere you can find the correcct volume including online sources. However, allow enough time to receive your books if you buy them from a source other than a GPC bookstore.

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