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Hybrid Courses
Date Updated
2012-06-07 12:25:48

What is a Hybrid course?
Traditional and fully online courses both offer unique advantages, allowing students to choose the format most suitable for their individual needs. The hybrid or blended format creates a third option combining a portion of the flexibility and reduced commute times of online courses with the familiarity and direct contact of a traditional course.

A hybrid course reduces the amount of time a student may have to spend physically in a classroom or commuting to a campus. It does not reduce the amount of time a student will dedicate to a particular course. A hybrid course makes use of online learning tools in addition to face-to-face teaching. Hybrid courses may meet once a week or even less with students completing required course work in an online environment to accomplish the course goals and outcomes.

The result is a best-of-both worlds course that offers students the best of a face-to-face course coupled with the best of an online course. Students who crave the flexibility and convenience of an online course but still want to be able to connect face-to-face with an instructor and other students should consider a hybrid course.