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2012-09-14 12:08:07

What is the 'No Show' policy?
Each semester faculty must report those students who are on the class roll but have NEVER attended an on-campus class or logged in to an online class. This procedure is very important in order to keep the college in compliance with the laws regarding federal financial aid.

If a student is on the class roll, but has NEVER attended a class, faculty must record a NS grade for that student during the no show entry period.

If the student shows up for class at any point before the reporting date, even if it is only for 1 minute of one class, then the student has attended the class and is NOT reported as a no show.

A 'no show' is someone who has NEVER been to class. If you never log into your iCollege course or complete the no show assignment, you may be reported as a 'No Show'.

No Show' courses are dropped and refunded at 100%.

For more information visit No Show Policy