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Online Classes
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2012-09-19 11:01:17

Can I sign up to take online courses at GPC if I'm out of the country?
Georgia Perimeter College's Online programs and courses can offer you the means to continue the pursuit of your educational degree.

Yes, it may be possible to take GPC Online classes while out of the country, but please be aware that there may be some testing issues.

Students are required to take COMPASS placement exams for English, Reading & Math (unless they have qualifying SAT/ACT scores or have transferable credits in freshman English composition and college level math), and some online instructors may require proctored exams. Please note: Currently the mathematics and science departments require some proctored testing for all of their classes.

Students are responsible for any costs incurred by having any of these tests proctored. Placement test scores may indicate that students are required to take some preparatory classes that are not currently offered online. Students will need to verify exam requirements for individual online instructors. Please note that locations overseas where tests can be proctored or at which the COMPASS test could be offered may be limited.

Visit GPC's Testing Services website for more information.