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Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach
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2012-12-10 12:24:40

Do you have special resources for the military?

GPC's Military Outreach Center is a reference site for information about existing military service opportunities, including education and special programs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

The center also supports student veterans, their dependents, and serving military who are enrolled at our campuses or through distance learning.

The Center can assist veterans and military by referring them to appropriate college services, including Admissions; Advising, Counseling and Retention; Disability Services; Testing and Personal Counseling. It also can assist veterans and serving military with issues requiring contact with education centers at reserve, National Guard and active service headquarters.

For more information, contact Mark Eister, Military Outreach Director, 678-891-3097,; Robert Knowles, Military Student Advocate, 770-274-5026, or visit Veteran's Affairs at Veteran's Affairs at

GPC's Military Outreach Center is located on the Clarkston Campus, Building CH, Suite 1300. Telephone number is 678-891-3025 and the website is Military Outreach.