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Financial Aid
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2013-01-24 14:11:50

What is the WIA Program?
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program receives funds from the United States Department of Labor to partner with county agencies in order to provide vocational training and support services to individuals who are eligible for sponsorship. Students may be eligible for sponsorship if they are: Unemployed due to a plant closure, Unemployed, Under-employed, or Economically disadvantaged.

For more information about the WIA program go to your local Workforce agency. To find your local agency, visit DOL One-Stop Centers

You will need three items for your Workforce counselor

1. You will need to identify the degree or program you are seeking and the courses required to complete that degree or program. You can visit one of our campuses and speak with advisor if you need assistance with this information.
2. The costs of the courses you wish to take. Go to Tuition and Fees for current information.
3. Completed and processed financial aid package. Visit How to Apply for Financial Aid for information about applying for financial aid.

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