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GPC Transcripts/Verifications
Date Updated
2013-02-20 17:05:39

How do I get an enrollment verification or degree verification?
It's easy. You can access your Enrollment Verification through the Student Information System (SIS).

Simply log into SIS like you would if you were registering for classes and get your enrollment verification in minutes.

Please Note: Enrollment verifications will be available two and half weeks into each term. Your enrollment information will be updated after mid-point and at the end of each term.

This secure link to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) will let you:
•Print enrollment verification certificates for health insurers and other organizations
•Find out when deferment notices were sent to your student lenders
•View your enrollment history
•View the proofs of enrollment sent on your behalf to student service providers

How to access your enrollment verification:
1. Go to: SIS
2. Click 'Enter Student Information System'
3. Enter your GPC-ID. Don't know your GPC ID? Click What is my GPC-ID? and follow the instructions.
4. Enter your PIN
5. Click 'Login'
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the GPC Bulletin Board and click 'Continue'
7. Verify your address and phone number
8. Select the 'Student Records' tab
9. Click on 'Enrollment Verification'
10. Follow the directions on the NSC-National Student Clearinghouse website.

For more information, go to Enrollment Verificaton at