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Residency/Tuition Classification
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2013-02-27 16:05:23

What is a Petition for Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes?
The Petition for Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes is used when you have been coded as an out-of-state resident and you think that is incorrect for tuition purposes.

The most common reason this happens is that information on your GPC application didn't match all of the Five Requirements for In-State Tuition listed below. Missing just one of these is enough to classify you as out-of-state. Not answering some of these questions is often the reason students are coded as out-of-state. We do this because we have a responsibility to protect the interests of the taxpayers of Georgia.

In general, there are Five Requirements that a person (or a person’s parent, spouse or legal guardian) needs to meet to be considered In-State for Tuition Purposes:
1. Physically lived in Georgia for the last 12 months, and
2. Worked in Georgia for the last 12 months, and
3. Paid or was claimed on US and Georgia income taxes in the preceding year, and
4. Are legally present in the US in a status that allows for permanent residence (i.e. is a US citizen, legal permanent resident, asylee, refugee, or has applied for legal permanent residency).
5. Can provide evidence that he/she intends to remain in Georgia.

Anyone who can meet ALL of these requirements could be eligible for the in-state tuition rate.

If you are classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes by the College, but think you qualify as in-state status, must file a 'Petition for Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes.' PLEASE NOTE: Residence status for tuition purposes is not changed automatically.

The burden of proof rests with you to demonstrate that you qualify for in-state tuition under the regulations of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. You must demonstrate that you, your parent or your U.S. court appointed legal guardian (if you are a minor), or your spouse is a legal resident of Georgia. You may establish this claim by providing documentation to support the definition established by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Please note that establishing in-state status for tuition purposes as defined by the Board of Regents is different than residency for purposes of such things as voting, having a GA license/tag, and requires more than establishing eligibility to vote, securing a driver’s license, and/or paying taxes.

Please answer all questions on the Petition completely, and provide all the documents listed. Take your completed Petition and documentation to any Enrollment and Registration Services office, or to any International Student Admissions and Advising office. The staff there will work quickly to evaluate your petition, and make changes to your status.

If you file your petition during the first 30 days of a semester, if approved, the change could be effective for that semester. If a petition is filed after the first 30 days of a term, if approved, it will be effective for the following semester.
For more information about in-state and out-of-state requirements, visit Tuition Classifications at

You may find a Petition for Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes at or visit one of our Enrollment and Registration Services department at one of GPC's campus locations.