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2013-07-08 14:35:17   

What are the enrollment requirements and minimum number of credit hours I must enroll in each semester to receive VA benefits?   
VA payment rates for chapters 30, 33 MHA, 35, 1606, 1607, and VRAP can be found at VA Payment Rates.

Post 9/11 (Chapter33) benefit recipients must be enrolled greater than half-time (a minimum 7 credit hours during standard full- length terms) to receive housing (MHA) payments with at least one course on campus (pure online rates differ).

VRAP students must maintain Full-Time enrollment (12 credit hours during standard terms) at all times to maintain eligibility.

****Summer term and half-term classes have different enrollment requirements. Typically 6 credit hours is equivalent to full-time during these enrollment terms. Although sometimes unavoidable, registering for half-term classes can affect your monthly entitlement. Please keep in mind your payment rate is calculated based on enrollment hours and dates.

For more information, visit VA Payment Rates.