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Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach
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2013-07-08 14:44:25

Will my classes be protected if I am waiting for VA benefits?
No, However…

Eligible students are responsible for paying tuition and fees up front each semester with the exception of documented Post 9/11(Certificate of Eligibility, DD214, or E-Benefits verification) students eligible at the 100% tier (In-State) and Vocational Rehabilitation students who have approved authorizations (VA Form 28-1905) on file with GPC Student Accounts, GPC Financial Aid, and the GPC bookstore (E-Follett). Contracts will be setup ranging from 40%-100% (In-State) coverage based on your documented eligibility.

Please keep in mind that YOU are ultimately responsible for any unpaid tuition and fees. If you do not qualify for 100% coverage, please be prepared to pay the difference at the time of registration to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

For all other VA benefit recipients, please take advantage of our new payment plans available through NELNET, and/or federal aid FASFA, and/or request advance payment if applicable.

For more information, visit GPC Veterans Affairs at or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at