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Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach
Date Updated
2013-07-08 14:49:23

I have submitted my VA Enrollment Certification Request to the financial aid office, when will you send this information to the Department of Veterans Affairs for processing?
Enrollment certifications are processed on a first come first served basis. Certifications are electronically transmitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs typically within 2-4 weeks AFTER you have finalized your schedule (processing time-frames during peak periods may be longer).

***Post 9/11*** Initial reporting will consist of ENROLLMENT HOURS ONLY…… tuition will be reported AFTER the published Financial Aid Freeze Date (dates available online) to ensure more accurate reporting of tuition and fees. Schedule adjustments after you have been certified can result in a VA Overpayment which can also result in a debt to GPC and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Please register early to avoid processing delays.

For more information please visit GPC Veterans Affairs.