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Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach
Date Updated
2013-07-08 15:23:05

What will the VA not pay for?
1. Courses from which you have withdrawn
2. Repeating a course that you have earned a grade of “D” or better, unless the department
policy requires a grade of “C” or better
3. Courses that are not required for your major at GPC
4. Audits
5. Any course for which you have equivalent transfer credit
6. Online remedial courses
7. If you are a veteran, PHED 1101 and PHED activity courses for chapters 30, 31, 33, or VRAP and some Reservists if you have served more than 180 days of active duty. GPC will give you credit for these courses after submitting a copy of your DD214 to the Enrollment & Registration office on your campus.

***It is your responsibility to review your academic plan each semester to ensure you are in compliance…… advisement worksheets can be found online at Our office will not notify you if you are not in compliance. Any courses not fitting the certification criteria will be excluded from your enrollment certification reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs for payment.

For more information, visit Veteran Affairs at