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Veteran Affairs/Military Outreach
Date Updated
2013-07-08 15:29:10

How can I check the status of my VA claim or find out how much money I will be receiving after my enrollment has been certified?
The Department of Veterans Affairs will send you an award letter once they have processed the enrollment information sent from the institution. This information will also be available in
E-Benefits. You can also call 1-888-442-4551 or visit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for additional information.

***Post 9/11*** Tuition payments received on your behalf from the Department of Veterans Affairs will be applied to your account once verified for accuracy. Payment amounts could differ from your documented coverage tier in the event you owe a debt, expiration of benefits within the certified enrollment period, or due to schedule adjustments after your certification was processed.

For more information, visit GPC Veterans Affairs.