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Student Accounts
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2013-07-29 13:23:53

What forms of payment do you accept?
1. Credit or Debit Card (online only): You can make payments online using MasterCard, VISA**, American Express, or Discover. You may use workstations in the “one-stop shops” located on each campus if you do not have access to a home computer. **Starting August 1, GPC will no longer accept VISA online.

Beginning August 1, Georgia Perimeter College will begin using the third-party credit card processor, Touchnet ® PayPath, for students and others choosing to pay tuition, fees or fines with a debit or credit card online. Touchnet ® PayPath will charge a 2.75% convenience fee (minimum $3) for every credit or debit card charge processed online through GPC’s Student Information System. Students will be notified in advance when the convenience fee goes into effect. For more information about this new service and how you can avoid the convenience fee, please visit our PayPath Frequently Asked Questions page at PayPath

2. Checks from a personal checking or savings account: You can pay online using an electronic check by providing your bank routing number and account number online at the SIS website, SIS You also can pay by check in person at the Student Accounts office.

3. Money order and cash: You can make payments in person with cash or money order in person at the Student Accounts office.

NOTE: Checks are accepted from GPC students only.

For more information about payments and Student Accounts, visit Student Accounts