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How do I apply for a Hardship Withdrawal?   
The Hardship Withdrawal is an academic process used to address extraordinary circumstances when students are unable to complete their courses due to incapacity, tragic events, or some other grave matter. Remember that not all difficulties students face rise to the level of a true hardship.

OK, what do I do?

1. You must read The Comprehensive Student Guide to the Hardship Withdrawal Process that will tell you about the policy, eligibility, requirements, and the steps involved.

2. Call the Administrative Assistant to the Academic Deans at the campus where you take most of your classes and make an appointment to review the detailed guide.

Alpharetta: Ms. Sandra Francis(678) 240-6028
Clarkston: Ms. Iris Leo (678) 891-3870
Clarkston: Ms. Debra Scott (678) 891-3290
Decatur: Ms. Felicia Chambers(678) 891-2720
Dunwoody: Ms. Susan Fitzgerald 770) 274-5125
Newton: Ms. Suzanne Dickerson(770) 278-1201

Remember – Be sure to call ahead to make sure that the Administrative Assistant is available to meet with you. Schedule enough time to read the detailed guide.

- Online students within the metro-Atlanta area should contact the closest campus.

- Online students outside the metro-Atlanta campus should contact Joe Odom, Coordinator of Academic Services at Hardship Withdrawal and include the student’s name, ID number, telephone number, and details of the hardship.

Important reminders

1. It is your responsibility to complete the appropriate forms/ paperwork, obtain necessary signatures, and submit verifiable documentation of the hardship. Forms and templates are available from the Academic Deans’ Administrative Assistants.

2. The Hardship Withdrawal process requires student participation and takes time for each case to be resolved. The process is time sensitive with semester deadlines and an Academic Year deadline.

3. Application does not guarantee approval. While many students apply, far fewer are approved. Additionally, there can be repercussions when a request is approved, particularly if the student is receiving federal financial aid.