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JCard And HigherOne Card
Date Updated
2014-01-15 14:54:25

What is the difference between the JCard and the HigherOne Account card?
The JCard is the ID card for GPC students, staff, and faculty. It identifies you as a GPC student and is required to use the library facilities or attend college events or get a parking permit. It can be linked to a Wells Fargo bank account and used as a debit card. It can also be loaded with money and used as a pre-paid credit card. For more information, visit JCard at

Higher One: At the start of each semester, every new enrolled student will receive a GPC MasterCard Debit (Higher One) card in the mail. The card is not a credit card. You will need to activate the GPC Higher One Debit card and choose how you want any refund delivered.

Remember, refunds are the funds a student receives after tuition, mandatory fees and any other charges have been paid in full. All refunds are term-based, and for a refund situation to occur, the total payments for the term must exceed the total charges for the same term, including any adjustments for waivers. The payments can come from various sources, such as financial aid, cash, check, credit/debit cards, scholarships, fellowships, or third-party sponsors. A refund can only occur if a payment has been made. All refunds will be delivered through the Higher One refund system.

You may choose from two options:
• Refund deposited directly to your GPC MasterCard Debit card
• Refund deposited to another bank account of your choice

NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify that your correct address is on file with the college.

To learn more about Higher One, visit the Higher One website, and for specifics on GPC’s program, visit GPC's Higher One at