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Date Updated
2014-02-28 15:06:07   

My computer won't work, and I need to join a chat session (or turn in an assignment, or send an e-mail). What do I do?   
First, try contacting your instructor by phone if there is a number provided. If there is no number provided or you can not get in contact with the instructor, email the instructor to notify him/her of the issue. If you are unable to email within iCollege, email the instructor from your GPC student email address. You may also call the Online Academic Department at 678-891-7500. The department secretary may be able to phone the instructor at home. If you can't reach your instructor or are waiting for an answer, try a class member who is familiar with computer hardware and software.
Also, try the help menu in the software you are trying to use. Some software manufacturers also provide phone help lines.