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Poster Presentations 2012

“Message Received” – Caregiver & Asthmatic Adolescent Perceptions of the Use of Mobile Technology and Social Networking Sites for Self-management and Asthma Education – Anthony D. Panzera, MPH;    Tali Schneider, MPH, CHES; Mary Martinasek, PhD, MPH, CHES, CPH;  James Lindenberger, Carol A. Bryant, PhD; Marisa Couluris, DO   
Academic and social life together across the border on Facebook – An integrated strategy of sharing academic learning & professional networking in a public health study abroad program – Su-I Hou, DrPH, CPH, MCHES, RN   
An Integrated Campaign for Mobile Health: Lessons from China – David Corpman, BS; Nanjing, Jiangsu, John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP; Heather Ross, MD; Chen Yan, MD; Chang-jun Bao, MScPH   
Applying Meaningful Use to Electronic Medical Record Referrals in a New Hampshire Community Health Center – Teresa M. Brown, BS, TTS; Christin H. D’Ovidio, MFA; Karyn Madore, MEd   
Apps of Steel: Are Exercise Apps Providing Consumers with Realistic Expectations? Content Analysis of Exercise Apps for Presence of Behavior Change Theory – Sarah Van Wagenen, BS; Brittany Brown, BS; Logan Cowan, Riley Hedin, Yukiko Stephan   
Attending & Resident Physician Perceptions of Mobile Technology as a Tool to Strengthen Self-Management of Adolescent Asthma – Tali Schneider, MPH, CHES; Anthony D. Panzera, MPH; Mary Martinasek, PhD, MPH, CHES, CPH; James Lindenberger, Carol A. Bryant, PhD   
Beliefs towards and preferred eHealth communication platform among middle- and older-age working adults in Taiwan – Su-I Hou, DrPH, CPH, CHES, RN; Tun-Jen Hsiao, MD, PhD; Peng-His Hou, PhD   
BodyWorks: A Toolkit for Healthy Teens and Strong Families – Jodie Fishman, MPH; Amanda Marr, MS; Ann Abercrombie, MLS; Brooke Leggin   
Breastfeeding and Blogging: Exploring the Utility of Blogs to Promote Breastfeeding – Josh West, PhD, MPH; Cougar Hall, PhD; Carl Hanson, PhD; Michael Barnes, PhD; Christophe Giraud-Carrier, PhD; Scott Burton, PhD(c)   
Clinical Decision Support for Pediatric Cardiovascular Risk Reduction – Paul N. Kizakevich, MS, PE; Randall P. Eckhoff, BS; Robert Hubal, PhD; Yuying Zhang, MS; Robert Furberg, PhD; Kenneth LaBresh, MD   
Community Mobilization & Transformation (e-Enabler) – Timothy Etherington, MPH, CHES and Marilyn Duffoo, BS, MS   
Connecting and engaging a traditionally offline audience through online activities and resources: the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Recovery Month – Ivette Torres, M.Ed., MSc   
Design Thinking: A Process for Innovation in Healthcare Communications – Joe Garcia, MFA, BA and Jessica Lamb   
Development of a Motion Comic for HIV/STI Prevention among Young People Ages 15-24 – Leigh A. Willis, Ph.D, MPH; Rachel Kachur, MPH; Ted Castellanos, MPH; Sandra Jones, Pilgrim Spikes, Ph.D, MPA   
Digital Contraception: Promoting Long-Acting Methods among College-Aged Women through a Novel Text and Mobile Video Pilot Project – Eric R. Buhi, MPH, PhD; Hannah Helmy, MA; Natalie Rella, Kristin Harsch, Adejoke Ogunrinde, Cheryl Pravetz   
Digital Health Branding: Evidence and Case Studies – W. Douglas Evans   
Digital Health Privacy and Security: Developing a Secure and Compliant Engagement Strategy – Jacque Myers, MPA; Donald Jones, MA, CMAP; Kenneth Kraper, CIPP, CIPP/G, PMP   
Digital Marketing to Rally Support for Community Health: Planning, Executing, and Measuring an Effective Community Health Online Campaign – Stacey Nelson Smith, B.S. and Jason Holic, M.M.C., B.A.   
Digital Technology and Global Citizenship: Facilitating a Lasting and Effective Intercambio Between a California University and a Mexican Pueblo – Kathleen Roe, DrPH, MPH; Frank Strona, MPH; German Blanco, MPH(c); Shreya Desai, BS; Claudia Mendivil, MPH(c)   
Digital Transmedia Storytelling for Health Communication – Nedra Kline Weinreich, MS; Michael Fiore, Deborah Glik, ScD; Michael Prelip, DPA; Elaine Quiter, MS   
Disaster Strikes. Social Media Responds. Results from a New Hampshire training program to increase social media use by responders – Arielle Slam, BS, BA and Alyson Cobb, BA   
Enhancing Innovative Health Communications Methodologies Using Traditional Technology – Otis (Shaun) Owens, MPH; Tracey Thomas, MA, MS; Daniela Friedman, PhD; Myriam Torres, PhD   
Expanding the Reach of Mobile Mammography in West Virginia: Digital Media and Bonnie’s Bus – Amy R. Allen, MA, MS and Stephenie Kennedy, MA   
Finding the Fun: A mobile application for obesity prevention and physical activity promotion in Pinellas County, Florida – Sara Isaac, MA; Peter Mitchell, Karen Ong, Tyler Mulligan, Lara Blosser   
Global Health in Action: Learn, Act, Interact – Melissa Jackson, BBA   
Health Literacy in a Digital Landscape – Sandra Williams Hilfiker, MA and Stacy Robison, MPH, MCHES   
HIV on the Move: Using the mobile web, apps, and text messaging in HIV prevention – Miguel Gomez, Michelle Samplin-Salgado, Jermey Vanderlan   
Integrating Digital Media in an Underage Drinking Prevention National Media Campaign – Emily Novick, M.P.P. and Susan Conner, M.S. – Presented by Valerie Goode   
iQUIT: On my phone, on my terms. Preliminary data on NCI’s SmokefreeTXT: a text-based smoking cessation intervention for teens and young adults. – Alison M. Pilsner, MPH, CPH, CHES; Erik M. Augustson, PhD, MPH; Shani C. Taylor, MHS; Yvonne A. Hunt, PhD, MPH; Doug Naegele   
JIVE (Joint Information Virtual Exercise): A statewide exercise to encourage social media use among public health and safety organizations in New Hampshire– Alyson Cobb, BA; Arielle Slam, BS, BA; Amy Cullum, MPH, MA; Katie Kemen, BS   
More than a message: Using strategic communications to inform, engage and inspire patients – Lisa Torphy, Donald Jones, Col Doug Anderson   
National Panic Button: A Geo-Temporal Strategy for Routing Emergency Medical Data – John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP; Tam Foster, MD; Suzanne Kirby MD, PhD; David Corpman, BS; Nounou Taleghani, MD, PhD   
Personal Health Intervention Tool™ – A Mobile Framework using Adobe Flash Builder – Randall P. Eckhoff, BS; Paul N. Kizakevich, MS, PE; Yuying Zhang, MS; Robert Hubal, MS, PhD   
Professional Preparation Needs and Opportunities in eHealth Literacy – Michael Stellefson, PhD; Don Chaney, PhD, MCHES; Bruce Hanik, PhD; Beth Chaney, PhD, MCHES; Bethany Tennant, MS   
Public Health Community Mining in YouTube – Scott Burton, MS; Udip Pant, Christophe Giraud-Carrier, Joshua West, Carl Hanson, Michael Barnes   
Real Warriors Campaign: Promoting help-seeking behavior for psychological health in the military community with a mobile site – Lisa Brown and Barbara Blue, MA   
Refreshing and Revitalizing a University Department through Strategic Infusion of Digital Communications and Technology – Kathleen Roe, DrPH, MPH; Daniel Perales, DrPH, MPH; Frank Strona, MPH; Robert Rinck, MPH; Kevin Roe, MPH   
Restructuring the Health Care Information Pathway: Mobile Health’s Consumer Impact – Yancey Hall, MA, BS; Ed Yahn, BA; Larry Gillespie, MA   
Social Marketing to Increase Mental Health Awareness and Understanding: Planning, Executing, and Measuring an Effective Digital Mental Health Communication Campaign – Stacey Nelson Smith, B.S. and Jason Holic, M.M.C., B.A.   
Social Media and Minority Health: Current Uses, Best Practices, & Lingering Challenges – Aimee Kendall Roundtree, PhD   
Social media in public health emergencies handbook – Ljubica Latinovic MD, MHA; Giselle Santos Burgoa, MBA; Paola Pliego, BA; Victor Arturo Matamoros, MD, MPH   
Temporal Variability of Problem Drinking on Twitter – Josh West, PhD, MPH; Cougar Hall, PhD; Carl Hanson, PhD; Christophe Giraud-Carrier, PhD; Michael Barnes, PhD; Scott Burton, PhD(c)   
Temporal Variability of Problem Drinking on Twitter – Josh West, PhD, MPH; Cougar Hall, PhD; Carl Hanson, PhD; Christophe Giraud-Carrier, PhD; Michael Barnes, PhD; Scott Burton, PhD(c)   
The Internet-informed patient and cancer screening rates: The role of patient-physician communication – Yuliya Shneyderman, MA; Seth Schwartz, PhD; Lila Finney Rutten, PhD, MPH; Kris Arheart, PhD   
The Promise of Mobile to Improve the Health of Hispanics – Barry Hix, MBA, MPH and Dirk G. Schroeder, ScD, MPH   
The Text2Quit Case Study: Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of a Text Messaging for Smoking Cessation Program – Lorien Abroms, Sc.D.   
There’s an App for That, Too!: A Content Analysis of the iTunes App Store’s Health & Fitness Section – Josh West, PhD, MPH; Cougar Hall, PhD; Carl Hanson, PhD; Michael Barnes, PhD; Christophe Giraud-Carrier, PhD; Scott Burton, PhD(c)   
Understanding and tailoring digital delivery of information and social support to people with health differences – Kristen Holtz, Ph.D.   
Use of Indoor Walking DVDs Enables Reduction in Physical Activity Barriers Among Limited-Resource Nutrition Education Program Participants – Debra M. Palmer, MEd, PhD and Kirsten Corda, MA   
Use of social media for health promotion – Paola Pliego Fernandez, Ljubica Latinovic, MD, MHA; Giselle Santos Burgoa, MBA;  Victor Matamoros MD, MPH   
Use of Text Messaging in the Pediatric Clinic Environment — Influential Situational Factors – Tony Panzera, MPH; R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD; Tali Schneider, MPH, CHES; Marry Martinasek, PhD, MPH; James Lindenberger; Carol Bryant, PhD; Marisa Couluris, DO   
User vs. expert recommendations for online health information: An agenda for future research – Yukari Takata, MPH   
Using mHealth Technology to Gather Real-time Health Behavior Data – Melinda Villagran, PhD; Jessica Hall, M.A.; Melinda Weathers, PhD Candidate   
Using New Technologies to Advance Underage Drinking Prevention Initiatives – Emily R. Novick, M.P.P and Tracy Elise Farmer, M.B.A. – Presented by William Beard, Jr.   
Using Social Media Channels and Online Collaborations to Expand Reach and Engage New Audiences with Health Information – Diane Brodalski, BS; Valerie Daniel, MPH, CHES; Reyna L. Jones, MPH   
Using Social Media To Amplify Public Health Messages – Alexandra Hughes, MPS and Trish Taylor, Ph.D   
When Your Star Leaves: Building a Sustainable Social Media Program – Donald Jones   


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