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Verbal Presentations 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 4:30-5:45pm

Session 1: Leveraging Social Media for Health
Moderated by Jonathan Cho

1a. Facebook Apps: How can they make us Healthy? And Why Aren’t They?
Scott A. Shamp, PhD, Director, New Media Institute/University of Georgia NMI/ Journalism

1b. Maximizing Resources with Effective Crowdsouring for Social Marketing Campaigns
Emily Springer, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamiliton, Mike Robert, Booz Allen Hamiliton, Lisa Torphy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Don Jones,Booz Allen Hamilton

1c. iVetoViolence: Using Social Media to Change the Violence Prevention Conversation
Paula Orlosky Williams, MA, Health Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,Teri Barber, MA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Erica Mizelle, MS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Amelia Burke, MA Weststat, Christine Cotter, MPS, Westat

1d. Trending Now: The Promise of Social Media for Public Health Communications
Amelia Burke-Garcia, MA, Senior Director of Digital Media, Westat

Session 2: Going Mobile for Health
Moderated by Andrew Cohen

2a. Beyond the Desktop: Seizing the Mobile Web for Health Communication
Nadia Dawson, BA, Account Supervisor/Digital Strategist, Ogilvy Public Relations, Social Marketing, Emily Zeigenfuse, MPH, Ogilvy Public Relations, Social Marketing, Jose Salmeron, PhD  Social@Ogilvy, Michael Mangi, BS, Social@Ogilvy

2b. Mobile Digital Technology as a Gateway toward Reducing Prostate Cancer Disparities among African-American Men
Cedric Harville, II, B.A., Research Assistant II, H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Brian Rivers, Ph.D, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Rodrigo Carvajal, B. Sc., H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

2c. The Evolution of a mHealth Product
Edward Buckley, III, MPH, President, PeerFit,Shelly Spoeth, BS, Spoeth Strategic Communications, Inc., Scott Peeples, MBA, PeerFit

2d. Data Collection With Concert-Going Youth: The Power Of Technology
Jessica M. Rath, PhD. MPH, CHES, Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation, Legacy, Becky Rubenstein, BA, Legacy

Session 3: Mining Data for Health
Moderated by Christine Ramirez

3a. Emerging Infodemiology: Using Social Media Analytics to Enhance Risk Communications Duration, Diffusion, and Dissemination
Patrick Koeppl, PhD, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting , John Cregan, Global Praire, Eric Resultan, Deloitte Consulting, David Weir, Deloitte Consulting, Greg Busse, PhD, American University

3b. Monitoring the Buzz:Use of Social Media Monitoring to Capture Health-Related Conversations. Implications for Research and Programs
Amanda Richardson, PhD MS, Senior Director, Research and Evaluation, Assistant Professor, Legacy (formerly the American Legacy Foundation), Donna Vallone, PhD MPH, Legacy

3c. What can Twitter Tell Us About Quitting Smoking
Sherry Emery, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Health Media Collab. At The Inst. for Health Rsch & Policy, UIC, Glen Szczypka, MA, Health Media Collab. At The Inst. for Health Rsch & Policy, UIC, Eman H. Aly, MSW, Health Media Collab. At The Inst. for Health Rsch & Policy, UIC, Lisa James Vera, Health Media Collaboratory at Univ. of California, San Diego

3d. Emerging Usability Evaluation Tools and Techniques in Web-Based Health Communication
Sean Fitzpatrick, MA (Human Factors Engineering), Director of User Experience, Aquilent, Jeffery Pass, MA, Sr. User Experience Consultant

Session 4: Creative Digital Health Solutions
Moderated by Jeff Hoffman

4a. Developing an HIV/STI Focused Motion Comic for Young People Ages 15-24: A Case Study of the Strength of Audience Participation
Leigh A. Willis, Rachel Kachur, MPH, Ted Castellanos, MPH, Pilgrim Spikes, Ph.D, MPA, Susan Robinson, MA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

4b. Media Innovations from Los Angeles County: Obesity Prevention Public Education Goes Shareable, Sendable and Social
Ali Noller, Suzanne Bogert, MS RD, Michael Leighs, MPP, Tony Kuo, MD MSHS, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

4c. It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All: Effectively Using Digital Media to Engage Black College Students in the Fight Against AIDS
Joell D. Royal, MSW,Project Director NCNW, Felicia Pride, MA, Pride Collaborative, Dr. Tamara Henry, NCNW, Andria Zaverl, M.A, APLA

4d. A Digital Government: Creating a Unified, Multipurpose Content Repository to Meet Growing Demand for Digital Health Information and Services.
Adam Lee, MS, MBA, PMP, Director of Information Systems, IQ Solutions, Inc.

Thursday, February 21, 2013, 11am-12:15pm

Session 5: Web and Mixed Media for Health
Moderated by Ronne Ostby

5a. Converging Networks For Impact Through Shared Messages and Resources
Paul McConaughy, MA, Program Specialist, Social Marketing, and Social Media, Michigan Nutrition Network at Michigan Fitness Foundation, Judy Wilson, MSPH, RD, USDA FOOD and Nutrition Service

5b. Growing up With Technology: Building Blocks for a Healthy Future
Tracy Farmer, M.B.A., Project Officer, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, SAMHSA

5c. Pixels, Patients and Prevention: How today’s Consumers Are Using the Internet to Manage Their Health
John Mangano, VP, Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions, comScore, Inc

5d. Medicare Wellness Power: Developing Digital Resources that Reach and Resonate with Healthcare Professionals
Gayle Wiegand, MA, Marketing and Communications Director, TMNcorp, Michael Owens, MS, TMNcorp

Session 6: User-Informed Digital Health Interventions
Moderated by Matthew Holland

6a. Responsive Design for Government – Exploring the Best Ways to Deliver Content to Your Users Wherever and Whenever they Consume It
Mark Pietrasanta, Chief Technology Officer, Aquilent

6b. Eating Away at the Digital Divide: Web-based Nutrition Education for Low-Lit Learners
Debra M. Palmer, PhD., Department of Nutritional Sciences

6c. Involving Users with Limited Literacy Skills in Co-Creation of Digital Health Information and Interactive Tools: Notes from the Field
Sandy Williams Hilfiker,MA, Principal Director of User Centered Design, CommunicateHealth Inc., Stacy Robinson, MPH, MCHES, CommunicateHealth Inc., Xanthi Scrimgeour, MPH, MCHES, CommunicateHealth Inc.

6d. Helping Veterans Assess and Improve Their Health Risk
Konstantin Von Schmidt-Pauli, Bayerishce Vereinsbank, Germany/Banking /Finan. Lead Consultant, Aquilent

Session 7: Digital Health Tools that Facilitate Conversations

7a. Digital health tools that facilitate conversations: a digital suite to support implementation of clinical practice guidelines
Robert D Furberg, PhD, MBA,Digital Health Informaticist, Center for the Advancement of Health IT, RTI International, Ken Labresh, MD; Christine Jackson, PhD; Julia Kish-Doto, PhD, R. Moultrie, RTI

7b. Digital health tools that facilitate conversations: Patient-provider partnerships and shared decision making
Lauren McCormack, PhD, MSPH, Senior Director, Health Communication Program, RTI International, Jon Poehlman, PhD; Robert Furberg, PhD, MBA; Vanessa Boudewyns, MA, RTI International, Shawn Adams, MBA; Paul Lehnert, Healthwise, Janice Genevro, PhD., AHRQ

7c. Digital health tools that facilitate conversations: Understanding the Social Health Experience
Craig Lefebvre. PhD. Lead Change Designer,RTI International Alexandra Bornkessel, M.A., RTI International.

Speakers and scheduling are all subject to change.


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