ReproFoal2011A UF/IFAS Equine Manure Management Summit- May 22 and May 29

For horse farms owners and managers – learn about composting and pasture management, the FDACS and FDEP equine BMP manuals and farm legislation, take a farm tour featuring farms using the manual, on-farm composting, and more! Call 352-371-8400 to register.

Beef Extension UF/IFAS Youth Field Day – June 12, 2014

The goal of this event is to excite students about agriculture and science. Early bird registration is only $8 and space fills up quickly, so register soon!

UF Supports Time To Ride

Time To Ride is designed to connect American families, specifically moms, to horse opportunities in their local area. We hope you find it helpful in making first, second, or third steps towards a horse experience.

Holstein Heifer USDA Grant to Improve Dairy Cow Fertility With UF Veterinary Extension

In a collaborative effort among several institutions, UF, Texas A&M, Cornell, Ohio State and the University of Minnesota, the USDA has granted a large fund to support a nation-wide project that will improve fertility in dairy cows using advanced genomic technologies.

Horse grazing Pigeon Fever… In Florida?

For the first time in recent history, Florida is seeing a large number of cases of pigeon fever in horses. Click on the link below to learn more about pigeon fever including clinical signs and ways to prevent it.

UF Aquatic Animal Health

The mission statement of UF Aquatic Health is to provide sustainable state-of-the-art training, education, clinical, diagnostic and research support for aquatic animals, both wild and under the care of man. We work in partnership with other UF programs, private groups, oceanaria, industry, researchers, local, state and federal stakeholders as well as other educational institutions.

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Referring Veterinarian Appreciation Day 2014

We invite veterinarians to join us Saturday, June 21, 2014 for our annual Referring Veterinarian Appreciation Day at the UF Veterinary Hospitals in Gainesville, Florida.

Goat Parasite Control

View our fact sheet on general parasite control in goats.

Road Work May Cause Delays

A road resurfacing of SW 16th Avenue in front of the Veterinary Hospitals may cause delays to our visitors. Please plan some additional time to arrive to your appointments.

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